Monday, November 26, 2007

ControlTier 3.1rc1 relesased

We are happy to announce that 3.1rc1 has been released. 3.1rc1 includes a number of bug, performance, and usability enhancements. We are now on the home stretch towards a general release for 3.1!

Below is an extensive list of the fixes that have gone in the last beta and this first release candidate. Changes are group by whether they are in the ControlTier project or and the underlying AntDepo framework (with tracker ID, if available):

ControlTier (
* #1740053 – dispatchCmd support for remote user name
* #1807666 – Add ThreadCount to Mediator’s dispatchCmd
* #1620501 – Workbench/Activity Report: URL query-able activity report
* #1776641 – Show command usage for Deployment objects
* #1769627 – Ant task to check if Workbench project exists
* #1766323 – creating a project from the command line
* #1720429 – library import support for ProjectBuilder
* ProjectBuilder: XML based object definition format (projectxml)
* make logging messages consistent format
* report task to echo report text to console
* Mediator dispatchCmd option initialization supported by full set of attributes
* Mediator: add support for passing buildstamp
* ProjectBuilder: For command generate-objects, add support for projectxml format
* ProjectBuilder: add -load option to build-library to load built library to server
* Package: ensure all the package metadata field values are passeed into the “install” command.
* Deployment: move runChangeDependencies from Updater to Deployment
* Deployment: new “Deploy” command to supersede “Update”
* Builder: allow non propfile method to repoImport
* Builder: Automatic multi-package (Builder) repoImport
* Installer: Follow CTIER_ROOT self-contained directory convention
* Workbench: Initial integration with AntDepo to streamline antdepo object installation
* Java code interdependencies among the ControlTier components have been separated into a common library
* the change-package-dependencies task/action has been altered on the server side to remove the use of rules-based reasoning with the Jena engine, bringing performance improvements and adding resilience to model inconsistencies.
* change-package-dependencies now behaves as expected when the package Type specified is actually a sub-type of one of the allowed-types for the dependencies.

AntDepo (
* #1803918 – lazy framework initialization. Loads lazily and now dynamic.
* #1765616 – Support get-opts “defaultproperty” attribute
* #1835431 – depot-setup option:—name <>
* #1835432 – depot-setup action name change
* Antdepo now has a ‘framework.ssh.user’ property, used as the username when invoking SSH executions.
* Read “framework.ssh.user” from command execution context. Will default to value in file.prefix logged messages with command context info
* depot-setup now must use -p option
* Allow Framework object to be embedded in long running server processes.
* Add java min/max heap settings to cmdline client
* Add ignormalformed and propertydefault attributes

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