Tuesday, May 06, 2008

See you at JavaOne

This year marks the first we go to JavaOne as an exhibitor. It's about time, given our deep experience in automating development and operations for our predominantly Java-using customer base. Our Java Server Library, "Elements", has been evolving over the last couple years, and has really been an instrumental part of improving customer's life cycle reliability and speed.
Java is front and center at ControlTier. Our new CTL control dispatcher has special documentation areas for Ant and Maven users. There's still a lot of functionality useful to Java users that we are in the midst of packaging and documenting.
Of course, all the Open.ControlTier software is Java-based, and as one of ControlTier's developers, it's exciting to be at JavaOne to see what's new.
If you are going to be there, swing by the ControlTier booth and say hello.

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