Friday, April 23, 2010

ControlTier 3.4.11 Released

This release is focused on performance issues and bug fixes.


Many thanks to bug filers, mailing list participants, and committers

Notable Improvements:

  • Several fixes to inefficient code have increased the performance in the key areas of ControlTier command dispatch and execution.
  • ProjectBuilder's load-object command has been made more efficient (ashortland)
  • The sending of model-change reports from Workbench to Reportcenter has been disabled by default to reduce server load. (This can be re-enabled if desired)
  • By default, the Process Flow Visualization in Jobcenter for workflow commands will not be available. To see it you must now run "ctl-depot -a install" with the "-w" flag to generate the appropriate files used by Jobcenter. This improves client-node ctl-depot performance. This issue will be revisited for a better solution in future.
Documentation available on The ControlTier Wiki

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