Wednesday, February 06, 2008

ATG Commerce Solution Library 1.3 update posted to ModuleForge

One of the key lines of business for ControlTier is delivering automated provisioning solutions for ATG based e-commerce sites. Over the last three years we've been building up best-practice implementation skills that we've distilled into a freely available integrated solution library. 

I'm happy to announce that we've just posted a significant update to version 1.3 of our ATG Commerce Platform Solution Library to Moduleforge. This release consolidates the results of a good six months work focussing on JBoss based ATG build and deployment management with a number of key customers including ATG On-Demand Hosting Services themselves.

The release includes detailed documentation on how to build a demonstration code and data provisioning solution based on the Pioneer Cycling sample application running on JBoss, Solid and Linux. This demonstration is a solid starting point for anyone interested reviewing the functionality of our Solution Library; in fact, our consultants build on the Solution Library as the foundation for building custom solutions to meet our clients' site-specific requirements.

Please go ahead and post feedback on the release here or at our main discussion group.


Anthony Shortland,
ControlTier Software, Inc.

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