Saturday, February 09, 2008

ControlTier 3.1-rc2 Released

Download it here:

What's New since 3.1-rc1:

A Maven 2 plugin was created for antdepo, and a Maven archetype was created to support using maven to build a ControlTier Library Jar.

Changes since 3.1-rc1:

bugfix: Change-Dependencies command used by Updaters now correctly allows multiple package files with the same type and version when allowMultiples is true, but the dependency constraints between the deployment and its packages is not exactly specified.

bugfix: a bug preventing Transform creation was fixed.


Improve ability to do 'upgrade' installations.

Base types:

Builder repoImport command now supports a 'separator' cli option, allowing the separator between package base and version to be something other than the default of a hyphen character '-'. Also added as an attribute named 'packageSeparator' which can be set with an appropriate Setting subtype. Some typo fixes.

Builder Subversion support improved: scmModule parameter was not being used in some cases.

ProjectBuilder: The meaning of the 'basedir' commmand-line flag was changed to be the top-level directory containing the modules directory.

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