Thursday, March 27, 2008

ControlTier is a service deployment automation solution for SaaS providers

Damon and I just spent two days manning the ControlTier exhibit at the 2008 SaaSCon at the Santa Clara convention center.

Conferences like this are always a bit a "busman's holiday" for me presenting the chance to sell ControlTier as opposed to my normal job of delivering ControlTier solutions!

The attendees split fairly evenly into SaaS providers and SaaS users, and we quickly realized that our best approach was to sort one from the other and focus on promoting ControlTier as a solution for SaaS providers - something complementary to the other competencies and services they seek to buy in such as hosting, etc.

The first and most obvious fit for ControlTier was merely recognizing that SaaS delivery application development and deployment is just the latest generation of complex, multi-tier web based applications - only more so.

These businesses have an even greater motivation to exploit the reliability, sophistication, scaling and efficiencies that technical process automation with ControlTier brings.

The second observation is that with the advent of SaaS companies, business and technical process automation has converged, eliminating all the manual steps between service sales and delivery.

There is a real opportunity for ControlTier to play a direct (rather than supporting) role in service delivery in the case of a SaaS provider that needs to deploy new application services (e.g. a VM and any of the components above it including a real or virtual web server) in order to deliver their service.

Anthony Shortland.

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