Friday, March 07, 2008

Elements module library source re-structured

I've just restructured the Elements module library source on Moduleforge to establish its own separate trunk, branches and tags.

The trunk has been copied from the 1.0 branch, and in addition I've established a new 2.0 working branch as a copy of the trunk.

New development will proceed on the 2.0 branch aimed at integrating an out of the box end-to-end Java Server build and deployment solution based on:
  • CVS and Subversion source code control
  • Cruise Control based continuous integration
  • Ant and Maven based builds
  • Tomcat and JBoss application servers
  • HSQLDB and Derby Java based databases
In addition, we plan to formally integrate and document the Duke's Bank sample application as a demonstration application.

By the way, I'm the only one who likes the name "elements" it seems, but there doesn't seem to be any constructive alternative "short" names out there that aren't acronyms that have already been grabbed by the Java guys (JSSL, JSL, etc)!

The "full" name of the library is "Java Server Module Library". Any ideas for a catchy moniker that could supplant "elements" in the source base, etc? Or, like me, are you satisfied with the "elemental" appropriateness of the existing name? Or, more likely, do give a toss at all?



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