Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ControlTier 3.4.9 Released

ControlTier 3.4.9 has been released.
This release has quite a few bug fixes and improvements. It is also the first ControlTier release distributed in RPM packages.

Release 3.4.9 has both the traditional installer packages (zip,jar), and two RPM packages: ctier-server and ctier-client. The ctier-server is the full server installation with the embedded client. The ctier-client includes the client installation only allowing simpler package distribution and installation for client nodes.
Documentation: The ControlTier Wiki

Notable bug fixes:
  • Workflows with command error handlers may not have been passing options correctly to the error handler command (Bug #2888149).
  • Using JNDI authorization could cause a NPE when roles exist in the directory without any members (Bug #2887979).
  • The ctl-depot -a remove action was not removing everything cleanly (Bug #2880656).
  • The ClientInstaller module did not make use of the server.hostname property for the installer (Bug #2894072).
  • Dispatching commands was incorrectly using the hostname to determine if the node was local or not (Bug #2893443).
  • Reportcenter's "Command" filter was not working (Bug #2899533).
  • Jobcenter would not list scheduled jobs created by another user (Bug #2896263).
  • Sending mail via a success/error handler was not working with java 1.6 (Bug #2880643).
Notable Improvements:

  • Type.xml generation on the server: Workbench now generates type.xml files when modules are packaged, allowing easier transition to source-based module development. (Request #2898788).
  • script-exec support for "dav://" script paths: You can now use "dav://" URLs in your calls to script-exec (Request #2886738).

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