Wednesday, September 02, 2009

ControlTier 3.4.7 Released

ControlTier 3.4.7 has been released.
This is primarily a bug fix release, but some notable improvements have been made as well.

Documentation: The ControlTier Wiki

Notable bug fixes:

Node name/hostname are now correctly distinguished when installing deployments. You can now have two Nodes with the same hostname, as long as the Node names are unique, and ctl-depot -a install will work correctly.



Workbench service manager views now display any Tags associated with a resource in the manager list view. Tag searching is also now fully integrated in the Workbench user interface.

Node Filtering:

CTL and CTL-EXEC now support using arbitrary attributes as node filters in the -I/-X arguments. E.g. "ctl-exec -I myattribute=something -- echo hello".

Retrying failed commands:

CTL and CTL-EXEC now also support a -F flag which lets the user specify a filepath to store a list of nodes for which failures occur. When you execute across multiple nodes using the -I/-X node filter options, and use the -K (--keepgoing) option, any nodes for which a failure occurs will be stored in the specified -F file. You can then re-execute with the exact same commandline, and CTL/CTL-EXEC will only execute on the nodes listed in the given file. If further errors occur, the nodelist will again be stored in the same file. Once all nodes have executed succesfully, the file will be removed. This facilitates retrying a failed command only on the failed nodes either manually or automatically.

Environment variables in scripts:

A new default mechanism for executing defined shell commands called "shell-exec" is introduced. This allows shell scripts/commands to acquire environment variables with values passed directly from the set of ControlTier metadata available to all commands.


Installer script improvements provide a much smoother way to install ControlTier on cygwin-based Windows nodes.

Dispatching scripts to cygwin nodes via ctl-exec or Jobcenter now works correctly when the Node has os-family="cygwin", and registration of a Node via a ControlTier client installed on a cygwin node will correctly set the os-family of the Node.

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