Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ControlTier 3.4.8 Released

ControlTier 3.4.8 has been released.
This is primarily a bug fix release, but some notable improvements have been made as well.

Documentation: The ControlTier Wiki

Notable bug fixes:
  • Conflation of Node name vs. hostname cropped up again in node-dispatch with CTL and the integration with Workbench. It should finally be completely resolved.
  • ProjectBuilder#find-objects has duplicate results: The find-objects command will now only show unique results.
Notable Improvements:

  • Java 6 support: Both the client and server now support Java 6.
  • project.xml export: Workbench and the ProjectBuilder#find-objects command can now export project.xml formatted data. Either use the -out option to find-objects, or click the "XML" toolbar button when viewing a resource in Workbench.
  • The Maven plugin has been updated to support static commands.

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